ClaviScript Transcription Services

ClaviScript Transcription Services was founded by a management team with over 40 years of industry experience in transcription and allied health services.  Our team realized that in an era of increasing digitalization, rapid turnaround times and a demanding environment calling for cost saving measures –document accuracy, client security and customer service were increasingly being promised – and not always being delivered.

Our response was to found ClaviScript upon the principle that top document accuracy, competitive pricing with secure and fast turnaround times CAN be coupled with a level of experience and client service our competitors can only dream of.  Our clients are pleased that they no longer have to wade through changing account representatives and multiple levels of administration, but can easily and directly reach the owners whenever they need to address their concerns.

At ClaviScript, we deliver what the others only promise – AND we do this at a competitive price, with a unique level of customer service and with the experience and turnaround times our clients require.

Security and ClaviScript

At ClaviScript, our client’s needs for security and confidentiality are taken seriously.  When you partner with our team, your documentation needs are protected in a highly-secure and encrypted environment.  Further, you can be assured that we are fully compliant with PIPEDA standards.  All of your data is protected – whether electronic or paper-based – ensuring that your information will remain safe and secure.

For some years now, all personal information involving a commercial activity in Canada has been governed under PIPEDA – The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.  This act became effective with the federal government in 2000 and on January 1, 2004 all commercial activities – including transcription and health record documentation – were covered under this act in Ontario.

At ClaviScript, our team has taken a leadership role in ensuring our client’s information is fully protected under PIPEDA, delivering the secure information working environment that our client’s deserve.

Partnering with ClaviScript

When you partner with ClaviScript, you can be assured of developing a customer service relationship that is tailored to your unique situation.  Our team will meet with you in person or remotely to analyze and accommodate your needs – whether you require 24-hour turnaround times, unique account specifications or handling a large volume of reports within your work week.  Our standards are benchmarked to The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI), the world’s largest association for professional standards in clinical documentation.  Your account will be supported with continuous quality-control and auditing ensuring the highest level of accuracy, professionalism and reliability.  At ClaviScript, you can count on our team to fulfill your needs.