What We Do For You

At ClaviScript, your dictation needs will fit seamlessly within our secure, web-based client portal.  There is no need for you to change your style of dictation.  You can dictate on a toll-free dictation service line, use your digital handheld recorder or automatically pick up your dictations from an in-house dictation system.  We work with whatever system you presently use so that your transition to ClaviScript is easy and seamless.

At ClaviScript, we work with you to meet your needs – whether 24-hour turnaround times, 3 to 4 day turnarounds, STAT requests, Microsoft Word environment or directly importing your dictations into your EMR system.  Your transcriptions are always handled in a secure and confidential manner, delivered to you in the most cost-effective manner – and always with individualized customer service.

Whether you needs are for general practice work, specialty clinic transcription, investigational reports, social work or psychology dictation – even those clients who work with Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) – ClaviScript will partner with you to make certain that your unique needs are met professionally and delivered on-time.

Editing Services 

For those clients who use voice recognition and other forms of speech-to-text, ClaviScript offers a full array of editing services to help streamline the errors that voice recognition systems typically generate.  While voice recognition technology has advanced somewhat over the past few years, it still generates reports far from the level of accuracy needed in a professional environment.  In fact, speech technology still tends to introduce a higher number of errors into your reports than traditional text-based transcription.  Our solution to this growing industry problem is to partner with clients using voice recognition by providing the editing and proofing they need to guarantee their reports are of the highest quality and meet the accuracy necessary for health record documentation – 99% or more every time.

Accurate and On Time

At ClaviScript, our team has the experience and skill set to ensure our clients get the accuracy they need in all of their reports.  Health information requires an accuracy level of at least 99% and ClaviScript works hard to guarantee our clients’ work meets rigorous industry standards.  Further, we guarantee your documents will be delivered to you on-time, 100% of the time – whatever turnaround time you require.